Reflections on Families Past

Edna May Fenton Stevens

Please note:  I use the abbreviation (mnu) for maiden names that I do not know.  mnu stands for:  Maiden Name Unknown.  I am aware that this is frowned on by many researchers.  It works for me because it allows the bride to sort with her married name family in my data base.  The logic of that choice makes sense to me.  I do not encourage others to use mnu, but, please do not criticize me for my decision to do so.  This is a pasttime, it is supposed to be fun, and whatever makes it easier for you, or in this case, me, to get your data into a data base and in a workable, researchable format is a very good thing as far as I am concerned.  In the case of Mrs. David Fenton(mnu) I have NO idea of her given or maiden name.  Wish I did!